We now use D-Tag Timing and have Start Mats as well as End Mats

Posted by danmccarthy on September 24, 2009  |   Comments Off on We now use D-Tag Timing and have Start Mats as well as End Mats

In our continuing efforts to offer the very best to our racers, we now use the D-Tag timing system. You can read a complete FAQ about the timing system here

One of the many goals of the ChronoTrack system is to simplify the timing process for athletes. A single-use tag eliminates the need for several organizational choke points that allow the athletes to spend more time focusing on their competition and less time waiting in lines. Shorter lines before the race to pick up your bib and chip and no line to return your tag or chip afterward are just some of the benefits to the ChronoTrack system.

The D-tag is easy to attach your shoe and is far lighter and less intrusive than other timing tags and chips. Once the D-tag is attached to your shoe, you will quickly forget that it is even there! Instructions for attaching the D-Tag to your shoe are available here.

Key Benefits

Start and Finish Timing
Single-use Tag
Accurate Time
No Fees for lost or unreturned tags
Less hassle post race
Lighter, Less intrusive tag
Easier to attach to shoe
No pre-race check-in
No complicated or time-consuming post-race tag turn-in

Timing Start Mats and End Mats

In previous races, we’ve only had “end mats” to track your race time as you pass over the finish line – but starting this year, we’re now going to have “start mats” as well.

Start Mats are expected to help ensure accurate timing of your race result even if you get out of the start gate a little bit slowly. With thousands of runners starting off at the same moment, it can take a couple of minutes to get through the start gate if you’re at the back of the pack. This year – don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with the addition of the start mats!